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Are you looking for a dental office that offers a professional and friendly environment and makes everyone feel important? At Parkstone Dental, we are committed to providing the best individualized care for both adult and kids dental hygiene needs. Call us at (587) 269-2999 (Sherwood Park) or (780) 662-3777 (Tofield) to schedule an appointment.

Dental Services and Treatments

Here at Parkstone Dental, we can help you diagnose your dental problems and formulate a treatment plan that is individualized to your specific needs. Our friendly staff will provide you with education about the different treatments to make an informed decision about the right treatment for you. We believe that you are ultimately the one in control of your oral health and we want to empower you to make well-informed decisions.

We provide the following services for Sherwood Park, Edmonton and area residents:

Feel Confident in the Treatment You Receive

At Parkstone Dental, we are committed to providing you with the best experience possible. We want you to feel confident in the treatment you are receiving and to do that, we take our time to educate you. Our dentists can address any questions and concerns while allowing you to make the final decision on your treatment. With our innovative technology such as isolite isolation, digital radiographs, rotary endodontics, we work to help you feel calm and relaxed during all procedures.

However, adults are not the only ones in need of comfort in a dental office. Our pediatric dental services are excellent. We create a kid-friendly environment while addressing your child's oral health care needs.

What sets us apart from other dental practices is our:

  • Desire to educate our patients
  • Passion to make every patient feel important
  • Kid friendly environment
  • Professional and convenient location
  • Direct Billing/Acceptance of all major insurance companies

We have two convenient and modernized offices to better serve your dentistry needs. Both locations are kid friendly and professional. You can contact us at (780) 662-3777 for our Tofield office, or (587) 269-2999 for our Sherwood Park office.

Our Values

  • EVERY Patient is Important
  • Create a Kid Friendly Environment
  • Patient Convenience
  • Educate and Plan together

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