CEREC One-Visit Crowns in Alberta

Cerec crown technology by Parkstone in Sherwood Park, Alberta

If you have badly decayed or damaged teeth you might need a crown in order to restore the tooth’s function and appearance. CEREC Crowns implement modern dental technology that saves our patients time while preventing dental headaches that can turn the tooth restoration process into an unpleasant experience. You can literally walk in and walk out with a brand new crown after just a single visit!

CEREC technology is not new. In fact, it has been around for nearly 30 years! Even so, many dental offices have not invested in this technology, due to large start up costs and additional training in computer dental assisted design and milling.

Parkstone Dental of Sherwood and Tofield has a different approach. We’ve chosen to invest in this valuable CEREC Crown technology so that all of our patients can minimize their time spent away from work/family yet also receive optimal restorative results. Read on to learn more about CEREC and how it works so you can decide whether or not the CEREC method is right for you.

What is CEREC?

CEREC stands for Ceramic Reconstruction. This technology allows us to fit and bond a ceramic “cap” to your tooth. It will fit just like a thimble fits over your finger, protecting the tooth from further damage.
We begin the CEREC process by taking a digital scan of your teeth. We use a painless wand, running it around the inside of your mouth to capture the image. This scan then generates a full color, 3D model in our CEREC software program. We then sit down with the software, using it to design a custom restoration. After all, a crown won’t do its job if we don’t create a perfect fit for your teeth!

Next, we use an on-site CEREC milling unit to create your crowns. You’ll be able to watch them being milled only steps away from your dental chair! Once they’re ready, we use a bonding agent to cement the crown over your existing tooth.

The whole process takes a single appointment.

What makes a CEREC Crown Different from a Traditional Crown?

A traditional crown can require two or more weeks to complete.After preparing your tooth for a crown, you would then have a dental impression taken and fitted with a temporary crown. The dental impression would then be sent out to a dental lab (for around 2 weeks) to fabricate your crown. In some cases, these temporary crowns can become dislodged or break while you wait, which means yet another office visit.

Speed and convenience are not the reasons to choose CEREC crowns;CEREC crowns are also metal free. They are made of all porcelain blocks that are fired/baked in an oven to increase its strength before the final cementation phase.

Because they are metal free, CEREC crowns will expand and contract similarly to your natural teeth, meaning less sensitivity while consuming hot or cold foods. We can even shade the ceramic to match your unique tooth color, which means that your mouth will retain a natural, attractive look.

Do CEREC Crowns Cost More?

There is virtually no difference in cost between CEREC Crowns and traditional crowns, so there’s no reason to avoid taking advantage of this incredible technology. They are also covered by most dental insurance plans. Give us a call today to discuss your options!

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