Dentures Colorado Springs

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Dentures Colorado Springs

Congratulations on your decision to look into the benefits of dentures in Colorado Springs. Your beautiful new smile will change your life forever. Improving the quality of life is just one of the numerous perks in store when you replace missing teeth with dentures at Mollner & Barta Dentistry:

  • Dentures are a very affordable way to improve your smile
  • Modern dentures look and function similar to natural teeth
  • Others around you won’t notice you’re wearing a dental prosthetic
  • With minor adjustments during early placement, dentures provide a comfortable fit
  • Lasts 10-15 years with proper care
  • Replace lost facial volume due to tooth loss
  • Restore a more youthful appearance

Can a Dentist Repair Dentures?

A qualified denturist from Mollner & Barta Dentistry can make repairs and adjustments to your dentures so that they’ll fit and function better. While most general dentists do not have a denturist on staff, our team’s qualifications include experience working with advanced dentures to ensure patients experience their advantages from the very start. Whether you’re interested in replacing missing teeth with dentures or you already own dentures that wobble, slip, or feel uncomfortable, you’ll find our practice an excellent source of patient information and treatment.

We can repair your ill-fitting dentures, replace stained or worn-out dentures, or fit you for your very first set of beautiful dentures for a dazzling smile. Schedule a complimentary consult with our team when you call or connect with us through our website.

Which is Better- Dentures or Implants?

Speak with your dentist to determine the best course of action to replace lost teeth. For some patients, implants make more sense, while for others, dentures are the better option. The easiest way to find out which procedure is right for you is by meeting with us for a smile analysis. If you’re a candidate for dentures in Colorado Springs, you’ll enjoy their many advantages:

  • Removable dentures are easy to clean
  • No long-term commitment
  • Priced to fit your budget
  • Denture specialist working in your community
  • Free second opinions at Mollner & Barta Dentistry

Stay With Us For Life

We’re confident that once you experience the relaxed and comfortable environment at Mollner & Barta Dentistry, you’ll become patients for life. We’ll meet your whole family’s dentistry needs with gentle, caring treatment that keeps smiles looking great. You’ll find many reasons to choose us as your only dentist when you browse our website’s resources or spend a few moments on our homepage. We accept most insurance plans to make treatment more affordable.

Why Go Anyplace Else?

If you’re thinking about dentures in Colorado Springs, come in to see us soon for an informative consultation to answer your questions and help you make the best decision regarding your oral hygiene. Stop in for a free practice tour to become familiar with our facility’s amenities and floorplan. We want to help you choose a dentist who will help you achieve your smile goals without going over your dental budget.

Dentures Colorado Springs
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