Giving Back

Parkstone Dental was built for the community. We’re proud to serve our communities and support wonderful local programs that make Strathcona County and Tofield amazing places to live. Below are a few of the events/programs/items that are near and dear to us:

Sports Guards

Custom sports guard service by Parkstone Dental in Sherwood park, Alberta
Dr. Jefferies was hit in the mouth (he says intentionally slashed to make the story more exciting) during a grade 9 floor hockey game. His front teeth were “bashed in” (again, his words). Long story short, he needed a lot of dental work to get fixed up again. His mom says “it wasn’t cheap either”. Dr. Jefferies has made it his mission to prevent accidents like this happening to kids. If you have a child in any kind of sport (hockey, basketball, football, karate, etc…) please come and talk to Dr. Jefferies. He will do everything he can to get your child a custom sports guard and protect their teeth.

Dentistry from the Heart

Dentistry from heart Logo
Dr. Jefferies was first exposed to this event while associating in Red Deer. It is a day of free dentistry for those in the community that are unable to pay for basic dentistry. This day, Parkstone Dental will do a “Walk-in”, “First come First Serve”, style service. Free fillings, extractions, check-ups, and cleanings. If you know of someone that could benefit from this service, please have them call us for the next event.

Dentistry from the heart was a HUGE success!!! On April 8th we saw over 40 patients and were able to do around $15,000 in free dentistry. We had wonderful people come out and support us. A BIG BIG thank you to Press’d in Emerald Hills for an amazing lunch. Thank you to CDI for supplying such wonderful dental assisting students. We will definitely be doing this again!!

Classroom Presentations

Have you met Crunch? He is our official mascot. He loves going to preschool classes with Dr. Jefferies to teach the kiddos about brushing, sugar-bugs, candy, and of course flossing. If you know of a class that would like to have Crunch visit, please contact our Sherwood Park clinic.

Crunch' s presentation at Parkstone Dental in Sherwood Park, Alberta Classroom presentation by Crunch at Sherwood parkstone clinic

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