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Did you know that the most common sports injuries are injuries to the mouth, teeth, and face? One lost tooth can become an expensive and embarrassing problem, one that affects your facial structure, your jawbone and the health of your other teeth. In addition, a sportsguard (mouth guards) can protect you from other health problems, such as concussions.

For these reasons, we believe a mouth guard is an absolute necessity for any athlete—even those who play “non-contact” sports because accidents can happen.
Our practice offers custom-made mouth guards. Though you can buy mouth guards in sports stores they are not truly adequate to the task of protecting your mouth. The guards you buy in sports stores are more bulky and not custom fit to your teeth.

We custom-create your mouth guard for you by taking a mold of your mouth. Our mouth guards are created of durable materials. Even though all sports guards are subject to a certain amount of wear and tear you can nevertheless expect our mouth guards to last a lot longer than those you’d find in the sports store. In addition, our mouth guards fit your mouth and are made of materials instead of plastic, so you should be able to breathe, talk, and swallow normally while wearing them. You’ll also enjoy full protection because they will cover all of your posterior teeth.

After we fit you with your sports guard we’ll ask you to bring it to all subsequent dental check-ups. That way we can ensure that it’s still working properly. We can evaluate it to see if it needs to be replaced, as well. This is the best way to ensure that your mouth is protected so your sporting activities stay fun!

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