White Fillings in Sherwood Park

We use fillings to treat cavities. At Parkstone Dental we use white, composite fillings. Composite fillings mimic the natural look of your teeth.

First, we will administer a local anesthetic. If you are very nervous, you can also benefit from the use of laughing gas, if the local anesthetic is not sufficient to make you feel comfortable with the process.

Next, we’ll remove the decay with our electric drills and burs. It’s important to get rid of all of it, because the decay will spread if left to its own devices. That’s the reason why we need to fill the tooth in the first place! Fillings prevent additional bacteria from getting into the hole, growing, and thriving.

Next, we’ll double check just to make sure that all of the decay is truly gone. We’ll also look to see whether the decay has reached the nerve; if it has, you might well need a root canal as well as a filling in order to truly preserve the tooth.

Once we’re satisfied that the tooth is in good shape, we’ll give it a thorough cleaning.

From there, we’ll add the composite. This is a process that involves layering and drying layers of composite until the hole is completely full. Most dental insurance plans do cover the use of composite.

Fillings help you preserve the tooth, which is always the most important goal in dental care. You can preserve a great deal more of the healthy tooth if cavities are detected early. You might not even know it if you have a very small cavity, as symptoms may not generally manifest until much later. Regular check-ups are important!

Of course, if you’ve suffered tooth trauma you’ll generally know right away that you need to seek care.

Have you had your regular dental check-up lately? If you haven’t, it’s time to call Parkstone Dental of Tofield or Sherwood and set up your appointment today.

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