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Meet Dr. Glen Jefferies


Dr. Glen Jefferies


Dr. Glen is an “Alberta boy through and through.” He grew up in nearby Drayton Valley and stayed there until graduating from high school. At that time, he decided to trade small-town life for the big city of Paris, France to volunteer for his church for two years. Afterwards, he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Hawaii and then moved to Edmonton to study dentistry at the University of Alberta. With Dr. Albert Voravong, he is co-owner of Parkstone Dental in Sherwood Park. 

Treatment Philosophy

When determining which treatments are best for your smile, Dr. Glen will examine your mouth, your health and medical history, and find out what it is you like and don’t like about your teeth and gums. An effective communicator, he will be upfront and honest about the condition of your smile and tell you what steps need to be taken to reach the outcome you desire. 

Outside The Office

Dr. Glen is happily married and has four kids who mean the world to him. They live in Sherwood Park and love spending time in the community they call home. Over the years, Parkstone Dental became another one of his babies. “I have taken a lot of pride in watching it grow,” he says.

Meet Dr. Albert Voravong


Dr. Albert Voravong


Dr. Albert began his undergraduate studies at Concordia University College before studying dentistry at the University of Alberta in 2007. There he earned his Bachelor of Medical Sciences and his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. Dr. Albert loves practising dentistry in Sherwood and Tofield … he was born in Tofield when his parents immigrated in the early 1980s and was raised in Sherwood Park! This community holds a special place in his heart. 


The most rewarding part of dentistry is bringing a smile to someone’s face and changing the way they view dentistry. “I’ll help you feel as though dentistry isn’t as painful and scary as once perceived,” he says. He utilizes minimally invasive laser dentistry in Sherwood Park for a more comfortable experience. There’s nothing quite like the feeling that comes with helping patients love their smiles.  

Outside The Office

Dr. Albert is married to his high school sweetheart, Christa. They are the proud parents of six beautiful children. When he’s not busy helping people like you discover the benefits of a healthy smile, Dr. Albert enjoys spending time with his family, being outdoors, and playing all sports – though he’s particularly passionate about golf and basketball.


Looking inside the matter

There’s new hope for stained and discolored teeth. Most people know that for teeth that have lost their brightness due to smoking and consuming tooth-staining foods like berries, red wine, coffee, and tea, they can have their teeth whitened in the convenience of their home using our take-home kit. This is called extrinsic staining because the cause is external – from the outside of the tooth. But what many people don’t know is that we have the means right here at our practice to whiten teeth that have been discolored because of intrinsic influences – those that affect the tooth color from inside. We call this technique “deep bleaching.”


What would discolor a tooth from the inside? Fluorosis is caused by excessive intake of fluorine (fluoride) while teeth were developing, characterized by brown pigmentation or enamel that is flat gray or that has white mottling or spots. Root canal treatment in which diseased pulp from inside a tooth is removed and the cavity is filled, can be characterized by dark discoloration. Some medicines will cause discoloration on many levels from light yellow to brown or gray, often with “banding.”

Most of us have smiles that could use a whitening boost. If you’re one, no matter the origin of discoloration, call us! We will help you choose which whitening technique is best for you.