Dental Implants in Sherwood Park

Dental implants are a popular method for replacing lost teeth. They are a viable alternative to bridges and dentures.

How dental implants work

The implant itself is a titanium metal screw. The dentist will drill a hole in the jawbone and place the implant in your first appointment. This is generally done with the aid of anesthesia or sedation dentistry. You’ll be sent home to allow the implant to fuse with the bone, a process known as “Osseo integration.” The implant literally replaces the root of the missing tooth.
When the process is complete you will return for the placement of the prosthetic tooth. It will be fixed in place just like any of your normal teeth are.
Some patients may require more than two appointments to complete the implant process. Every person is different! We’ll work out a treatment plan with you when we discuss your implants with you.

Why dental implants are often the best solution for tooth loss

First, dental implants can last a lifetime if you care for them properly. Second, they don’t slip like dentures do, which means that you can eat, smile, and speak normally.
You should consider dental implants even if your missing tooth is located near the back of your mouth. The loss of a tooth can affect the shape of your mouth and the structure of your face. Leaving an empty tooth socket also contributes to bone loss in the jaw, which can spread to other teeth. In short, one unaddressed missing tooth can affect many other teeth!

Are you a good candidate for dental implants?

Most people can enjoy the benefits of dental implants, though you will need sufficient bone and gum structure to support them. If you’re experiencing bone and gum loss we may be able to correct the problem with a series of grafts.
However, some chronic health issues may cause some to be poor candidates for the procedure. Please let your dentist know if you suffer from any health conditions.

What your implants need in order to be successful

It is important for you to maintain outstanding dental hygiene after receiving your implants. Make sure that you check your current routine to ensure that it is up to the challenge! We see many people making big mistakes when it comes to their hygiene, so make sure you follow the post-implant care instructions to the letter.

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We work closely with the oral surgeon and other implant dentists to restore the placed implants.

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