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Our team at Parkstone Dental can help you get your dental hygiene back on track. Our staff can customize a treatment plan that fits your specific needs. We take great pride in giving our patients the best possible care and treatment available.

Our services include:

  • Dental Cleaning: Our dental cleanings will help you stay on track in your dental hygiene. A cleaning from one of our friendly staff members can help make your smile brighter and prevent tooth loss and cavities.
  • Check-Ups: Let us help you care for your teeth. Your check-ups will help keep your teeth healthy and allow us to review your current treatment plan.
  • White Fillings: Fillings help you preserve the tooth in the event of a cavity. We use white, composite fillings which mimic the natural look of your teeth to make it harder to recognize that there is a filling in your tooth.
  • Extractions: Extractions can cause excess stress. Whether it is a simple or complicated extraction, we will ensure you are educated on the treatment and how to keep the area clean to minimize any post-surgery complications.
  • Root Canal Therapy: In the event of trauma to the tooth or decay, a root canal saves teeth that we’d otherwise have to be removed. At Parkstone Dental, we can prevent your teeth from becoming further infected or inflamed.
  • Crowns (Caps): When a tooth is broken, has more filling than remaining tooth, or has had a root canal – we suggest a crown. A crown is the ultimate protection for a damaged tooth and helps prevent future breakage of the tooth.
  • Bridges: A dental bridge (or fixed partial denture) is often the best solution when you are missing one or more teeth. Dental bridges can help restore the shape of your face and smile as well as improve your ability to chew and speak.
  • Denture Stabilization: Dentures can limit what you eat or make you self-conscious about how big you smile. Miniature implants can keep dentures in place, getting you back to your original routine.
  • Implants: As a viable alternative to bridges and dentures, implants are a popular method for replacing lost teeth.
  • CEREC: Our CEREC crowns are a modernized and efficient option when implementing a crown. They are digitally measured to better match your teeth.
  • Invisalign: Invisalign aligners gradually shift the teeth into position. Every two weeks, you can use the next aligner until the treatment process is complete.
  • Veneers: If you have discolored, chipped, or poorly shaped front teeth, we can help you redesign your smile in a relatively short amount of time with the use of veneers! Our veneers are a scratch-proof, durable long-term solution.
  • Nightguard: When you sleep, you might be grinding or clenching your teeth. We can provide you with a clear plastic guard that covers your teeth while you sleep to prevent damaging your teeth while you are asleep.
  • Sportsguard: Losing a tooth can be an expensive and embarrassing problem. A mouth guard protects your teeth from being chipped or broken in the event of an accident.
  • Sedation: Are you too stressed out and afraid to come to the dentist? We understand! That’s why we try to make you as comfortable as possible, either through the use of nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or oral sedation.
  • Whitening: We have many different options to get rid of those coffee, tea, wine, soda, and smoke stains that form over time and are part of everyday life. Try our various treatments to get your teeth whitened!
  • Children’s Dentistry: Kids need cleanings, check-ups, and sometimes fillings too. At Parkstone Dental, we are more than happy to see children of all ages even if it takes a little more time, and some extra patience.
  • Sealants: We are committed to preventing cavities before they start, and one way to do that is through sealants. Sealants are thin layers of white composite material placed in the deep grooves of the back teeth.
  • Emergency: If you develop a toothache, loose filling, or sustain a chipped tooth, we offer emergency services to address your condition as soon as possible. We can assess the issue and provide the necessary treatment.

To schedule an appointment, please contact us at (587) 269-2999 in Sherwood Park or (780) 662-3777 in Tofield.

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