Dental Cleanings in Sherwood Park

What part of your body hasn’t been cleaned for at least 6 months?!!!!!

Why have your teeth cleaned?

With the numerous foods we consume over the months and years, a sticky film builds up on our teeth called plaque. This plaque can be quite difficult to remove, even with regular brushing and flossing. This sticky film not only feeds the millions of bacteria in our mouth at any given moment, but it also can collect more deposits that will damage and inflame our gums called calculus. The gums react to these deposits and unhealthy environment through bleeding and receeding. If left unchecked, the bone under the gums can become damaged and break down. If enough bone breaks down, our teeth become wiggley and even infected.

Our hygienists can reach the spots that you have missed or neglected. Regular dental cleanings, alongside with good oral care, prevent the gums from becoming red and inflamed and damaged. This prevention keeps, not only your teeth good and strong, but also the environment supporting those teeth.

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