Wisdom Tooth Extractions in Sherwood Park

Our ancestors had bigger jaws. They also had to chew course, raw meat, plants, and other harsh substances. Finally, their dangerous lifestyles meant they lost teeth more often than a modern person does. Wisdom teeth—which tend to appear in modern humans between the ages of 17 and 25—had room to grow.
In modern times, wisdom teeth are often crowded out by the back of the mouth. There’s no room for them, so they may not erupt at all. Or they may become impacted, erupting sideways to push on the other teeth in your mouth, pushing them out of position. A partial eruption may cause a pocket of gum and tooth where food and bacteria can be trapped, which can lead to severe gum disease.

In short, wisdom teeth are serious business, and you need a qualified dentist’s help to monitor their health and to decide what should be done about them.
Some people will never experience any problems with their wisdom teeth, and can safely leave them alone. However, you should not assume that a lack of pain or other symptoms means that there are no problems! Wisdom teeth should always be discussed with a dentist.

When problems do develop, wisdom tooth extractions are usually your best bet. We use very strong local anesthetics to ensure you are very numb. At times when wisdom teeth are completely erupted with no decay we can remove them in a very routine manner.

In other cases where they are not completely erupted or completely covered by gum and/or bone we will need to use a more surgical approach.

Regardless of the whether it is a simple or complicated extraction; we will ensure you are educated on how to keep the area clean to minimize any post surgery complications.

Often times after a more complicated extraction we will prescribe some pain medication to help with any symptoms you make be experiencing.

We’ll also ask you to avoid physical activity and to stick to soft foods while you recover. During this time, you can alleviate any swelling with ice packs. You should also rinse out your mouth with warm salt water to keep the wound clean.

Talk to us if you are concerned about your wisdom teeth. You should have us take a look as soon as they come in, as well! Schedule your appointment today at our Tofield or Sherwood offices so that we can discuss the level of care that is right for you.

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