Oral Sedation and Laughing Gas in Sherwood Park

Are you too stressed out and afraid to come to the dentist? We understand! That’s why we try to make you as comfortable as possible, either through the use of nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or through the use of oral sedation. Learn more about how these powerful techniques can make your dental visit easier to bear!

Oral Sedation

Oral sedatives help you ease any anxiety you may be feeling over your appointment. You would typically take them the night before your appointment, and/or about an hour prior to your appointment.

Oral sedatives do not combat pain directly. However, they offer an indirect benefit. When you are anxiety-ridden over your dental visit you’ll have a tendency to tense up, which means that you’ll experience pain more acutely. When you’re relaxed, you may find that your procedure doesn’t hurt nearly as much as you believed that it would.

Laughing Gas

Contrary to its name—and its portrayal on television—laughing gas does not necessarily force you into throes of uncontrollable laughter. After all, it would be pretty hard to work on your mouth if it did! Instead, the gas simply induces a pleasant feeling of euphoria. Some people do get giggly, but not so much that we’re unable to continue working.

Our machines have safety mechanisms built into them and the gas is administered gradually to make sure you get a dose, which will be effective for you. Good communication is important, however: you’ll want us to know if you aren’t feeling any effects from the gas, and you’ll want us to know if you experience any nausea or other complications. Be sure you follow all of your dentist’s instructions prior to the procedure (such as eating a light meal or staying hydrated) to reduce the likelihood of experiencing side effects while under the influence of the gas.

The gas is administered via a nasal hood. Once these devices are in place, you can simply breathe normally. Our patients tend to like the nasal hood since they tend to be scented. Just ask us what’s available. We’ve had scents such as vanilla, cherry, and even Pina Colada in the past!

Do you have additional questions about sedation?

We definitely want to soothe any anxiety you may have about your dental visit. Please contact us if you have any questions about sedation dentistry. We’ll be happy to speak to you so that you feel 100% confident about scheduling your next appointment.

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